The Strategic Research Agenda has been developed with the following objectives:

• To clearly demonstrate the benefits of Plastics and Composites Research and Innovation for the European Union.
• To outline the future strategic research needs for the EU Plastics and Composites industries with proposals which meet the Commission's objectives and keep the EU Plastics and Composites industries at the forefront of innovation and globally competitive.
• To seek under Horizon 2020 greater recognition of the potential for Plastics and Composites research and innovation with substantially more relevant topics in Horizon 2020 Programme and approvals for funding.

  • Analysis on Research Needs. 2016.

    Brochure with the presentation of the initiative:

  • Introduction to a Strategic Research Agenda for the European Plastics and Composites Industry. 2016.

    Part I – Analysis on Research Needs
    Part II – Key Market Sectors

    Automotive and Aerospace – Packaging  – Electrical and Energy – Industrial Equipment – Medical – Construction – Agriculture – Renewable Energy – Textiles – 3D Printing